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Monday, November 3, 2008
My lover---laptop

Today Chen Tze not go to scl,
bcuz she lazy...
I think Kah Chan very happy,
bcuz eventually can chat v Anysia.

The assembly very sien+Zzz
really wan to slp Arhhhxxx

After assembly,
teacher wan we practice 演戏,
Aynsia 演 到 very funny(bcuz she is wong wei 'fun')
Xiao Yee dunno wat all through bully Anysia,

finish class..........
then go home.........

laptop hang liao,
cant play game, searching some thing, msn,
can sms only...~TT
very painfulness............

i soak the fish spa,
the finish grow up liao,
bite span pain...< 到>

mother take me to repair the laptop,
formerly, my laptop is 被电sot 到...T_T
i wan li mian de folder,
he say can put out the hard disk
and use a USB cha tou bian cheng pendrive.



10:18 PM
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