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Saturday, October 16, 2010
16 Oct 2010 HOT```many tuition

I get up at 7:30am in the morning,
because XueYing, Stephy and I will go to school to learn KH.
 I was the first reached there```
no long XueYing also reached,
but Stephy was the last one.
She was late 1 minutes~

Then, we was waiting pn.tong at taman burung.
We study SEJ while pn.tong haven't come yet.

Other school teachers came there,
they had a exam~
I saw my primary school teacher,
i think she is forget me.

No long, pn.tong was coming,
then teach teach teach~
Thank for pn.tong would like to teach us.

End this Lesson
We had SUPER tuition,
Stephy's mother fetch us to SUPER.
(thanks a lot^^)
Then, we had roti canai as breakfastat at mamak dong.
(set a time limit 15 minutes)
Then, we went quickly to SEJ lesson.

......continue to SC lesson.....

We are very hardworking,
because exam is coming soon~


Stephy and I still have tuition,
also at the SUPER.

i feel tired now~
i want to say,
the weather is HOT today,
NO rain, NO wind, NO cloud
i will die in this weather!
Rain god Rain god,
Where Are You~!


11:06 PM
Posted by ♪ Emiize ♬ @

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