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Tuesday, November 30, 2010
28-29 Nov 2010 Genting Highland xD

28 Nov 2010 Sunday,
my family and i went to genting~
the weather wasn't cold~
Christmas is coming soon,
this year christmas colour is green~
so they focus in recycle,
they used many type bottle to decoration~


check in~
this time we book genting hotel~
there light was dark,
only 3 >.<
feeling scare >.<

First world corridor,
and my COLORIS handbag beside me^^
it cost is RM180~
i know it is cheap then LV, Chanel, Fendi, Chloe, Gucci, Coach,
but i poor, no money buy them.

my sister and i surf the internet at startbuck with a cup of Green Tea Latte.

Next Morning,
many cloud oh~

i'm the first wake up on 6am,
oh my god!!!
i sleep in the sofa,
 and the sofa was dirty,
make my skin allergy =C

my breakfast

after breakfast,
sien ahx,
so i write lyrics-Gloomy Salad Day
i like this song^_^

my ODM watch ↓↓↓

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11:49 AM
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